Our Story

Photography has always been a part of my life in one way or another.  I grew up with a photogra-momma that was always camera in hand with a knack to capture each moment.  It's not surprising that a purple 110 film camera found its way into my hands at about age 6.  Chickens were my first subjects, cats next, brothers third.  Very unwilling subjects, trust me!  As time passed, I grabbed my mom's Canon and remember composing images through trial and error.  In the summer of 2003 I started a business, Precious Memories Photography, to take the work load off my mom who was doing 5-10 weddings per year and was not getting properly compensated.  Not surprisingly I offered to tag along and help, which led to where we are today! Once the digital world took over, my mom went into more of a helper role putting me in the photography lead. Five years of experience at a pro photo lab gave me a rounded view of composition and an enthusiasm to eagerly get better at capturing my vision of photography.  We are so incredibly grateful to the thousands of clients that have trusted us to their memories.  If you are one of them; thank you from the bottom of my heart!  Blessed is what we are, in a thousand ways.


About us; I am a dreamer, coffee drinker, momma of two, not-the-better-half of my husband, and incredibly human!  I could talk the leg off of a table, am slightly clumsy, and musical.  We love to live and laugh-life is too short!  My hubby and I are best friends, co-workers in our family life and business and like to think that we are adventurous.  He is an amazing daddy two our littles, way more patient than I give him credit for and he has a really unique perspective on weddings.  Love him! When we have a moment to get away, we love to travel, relax in our hot tub and love to talk.  We married young, had kids late and have a really well-rounded view of life. We are so incredibly grateful for the gifts the Lord has blessed us with and have come through more than most our age. We have two children, Henry (age 3) and Annora (age 1;) both are miracles. We recently got a puppy, named Duke, and truly enjoy every moment that we get together as a family.




















Photo Credit: Amber Walder Photography