Spring Goodness
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Wednesday, May 18, 2016
By Precious Memories Photography
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Spring has arrived. With crazy winds, flowering bushes and trees and everything is magical! 

Except for my kids on picture night.  Yup, I said it.  My kids are not magical when it comes to taking pictures!  I pull the camera out and they just want to be held or to play with my camera.  We had three meltdowns to get these pictures and Annora was in a funk.  Of course.  : ) And I love them with a fierce love. Every day!  

This was the THIRD attempt at pictures over the last month. Dead serious.  Praise God for reverse psychology that can snap Henry out of his 'leave me alone' moments. 

That being said; Henry turned FOUR!  Four, folks.  (enter tears here) He is super tall, loves mac and cheese, anything yogurt related, and of course Orange Leaf piled high with M&M's, gummy bears and sprinkles.  He is very sincere; an honest sincerity that melts my heart daily.  He abhors school, lives for construction vehicles and time spent on the farm. Those big honkin' brown eyes get me everyday.  I pray so hard for this little man; pray that we can raise him the way God wants.  

Those teeth!  They crack me up and even though they will fall out and big boy teeth will replace them, I am super pumped to have been able to capture at least a few 'semi-sized' gap smiles. Palmquist Dental,  I will start saving now.  You're welcome. 


This is why I do what I do.  Even though we have horrible days with tears and frustration, pictures are a visible reminder that we are truly blessed!  

Annora.  What a gift!  She is so spunky, sweet, silly and always smiling!  When we get her up in the morning or at nap time she greets us with a hearty 'hiii-eee' and almost immediately starts rattling on about something indiscernible.  She is 100% girly and exclaimed 'ooohhh-pweettty' when I showed her this dress.  (Thanks Auntie Erinn)  


We totally missed her 18 month pictures due to illness and a weird winter schedule so here we are at 22 months! 

I absolutely LOVE the above shot.  If you honor us with the opportunity to do your pictures with your littles, I often try to sneak in this picture as it is a image that we see everyday yet really never get the opportunity to capture.  Our children are seemingly forever grabbing our hands at this stage and yet it doesn't last forever!  Ah, the sweetness of toddlers! 

Throughout my pregnancies I always prayed that if I was lucky enough to have a girl, that she would get my curls!  The sole reason for the lower left hand picture (above) was to capture the sweet curly goodness.  Not sure if they will 'stick' but we are going to enjoy the curls while they are here!  

Annora has always had the most unique lips.  I had an elective C-section with Annora and the little sweetheart gave us birdie lips before she officially entered the world.  Dr. Pray-Dede exclaimed 'Alissa, you got yourself a birdie!' before I even met her.  Those cute birdie lips surface when she gets excited or is talking.  


This picture melts my heart because she was so worried about a bunny that had taken off into the neighboring bushes.  She doesn't miss a thing!!!

More concern for the bunny escapee.  'Buh-Bye Bunny!' 

'Baby seester be careful!'  


Until another day, God bless! 

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