Ponytails and bulldozers
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Tuesday, March 15, 2016
By Alissa Toering
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We were so ready for a change.  

Remodeling a home and being sandwiched into the basement (remember my old studio?) was getting old and we all needed some good ole sunshine!  So out to the farm we went so daddy (aka daddy awesomeness/my personal home contractor/dish aficionado/A+loving care to our kiddos most of the time) could wrap up a project that has been hijacked by illness, my work schedule, mass chaos that ensues this time of year...the resurfacing of our living room/dining room and re-wiring the insanely stupid wiring that the previous homeowner gifted us with.  Why have we not had a fire in our home yet?  (thank you dear Lord)

Henry's happy place. Duke's run-around-until-my-paws-bleed-happy place.  Annora is just happy to be alive so she was super pumped to see grandma.  Ah, the farm. 

A change of pace.  Run around, coordinating farm projects with kids schedules, attempting naps, wicked meals prepared by yours truly, tons of side-by-side rides (thanks Unca Nick!) and lots of playtime.  We love the farm.  Sadly, since my dad passed, it has taken on a bittersweet place in our hearts but we are so grateful for the 'reset' it provides to Mr. Henry.  We've had a really tough string of weeks with him. Very little food going in, massive sleep issues and of course behavioral upset because of the afore-mentioned. He is the most amazing little boy and it is excrutiating to this momma when things are out of whack.  Autism sucks.  And then it doesn't.  It is one of the many parts of Henry; the perfect Henry that God blessed us with.  He melts my heart daily with his absolutely precious 'I really like you mommy,' silly stories and crazy dancing on the trampoline to Alvin and the Chipmunks...I could go on for days...love that little man!  

Did we have fun.  Here are some barely edited images of my kiddos being themselves.  100%; no posing on my part.  Just playing!  I took a great class on 'capturing your children; creating a love story in pictures' or something close to that and I was in the mood to seize the moment and really watch them play.  So, here's some snotty noses, grubby faces and hands; always melting my heart.  Kicking myself that I took my older camera (D7000-I abhor that camera) and only one lens....less is more, right?

Henry lives, eats and breathes anything farm, construction machinery, Uncle Nick-related.  The farm has plenty of each and he is in pure heaven.  He is so serious sometimes and I love this shot because he is so deep in thought about the tractor and how it all works together.  Probably a future engineer, this one.  

My mom has an almost identical picture of me at this age, this angle...just another routine in our day; eating!  Little sweetcheeks is hungry within 10 minutes of waking and I love how the sunlight caught her bedhead!  That's my girl. 

Ah, Duke.  And his new 'do. He does so amazingly well on the farm!  Runs like a mad puppy, even to the point of bleeding paws.  Those eyes...OMgoodness.

........sooooo close!  This kiddo is growing up way too fast...give it another few months and those feet will touch those pedals....

This girl LOVES to color.  And this was her first shot at markers!  Should have seen her face.  'jackpot!'

On the paper, on the hands; "look mom-markers go anywhere!"

What is it about the first few ponytails that absolutely melt your heart?!  

...and that sweet little spot on the back of her neck; drives me crazy!  Probably kissed this spot 100 times this last weekend.  SO sweet. 

Markers are serious business!  

And those hands...oh my goodness! Sweet innocence! 

That's my boy! 

"mommy-help me down!" 

"I love Papa's Bull-dah-zer!"

I call this "mud on nose happiness"

Grandmas steady hands; love her! 


My turn! 

Wow...that face. My happy girl! 

More cheeky cuteness.

This farmin' is serious business.  Even got my paci. 

Have a great week y'all! 

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