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Friday, February 19, 2016
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This day has finally arrived.  I cannot believe it!  My very own photography blog; eek! 

I have always wanted to be an author and because of my serious hatred for all things grammar and proper English, I have shied away!  Somehow I managed to eek an 'A' out of all of my English classes but that does not mean that I retained any or all of that info..ha!  I do my best and try not to royally screw up every correspondence that I have with friends, clients and family.  So, I guess I will apologize in advance.  If grammatical errors make your skin crawl, this may not be the blog for you.  Or just skip the words and look at the pics.  You know I love you, right?!  Oh, and I excessively use exclamation points! I will try to dial that back a bit. 

Anyway, we are so excited to announce the launch of our new site as well as this blog.  My goal here is to showcase my recent work and give you a small peek into my world, my family and the crazy fun that we have here at Precious Memories Photography.   Feel free to comment below as we would love to hear from you!  

So, in honor of our new beginnnings, we are offering a sale.  A baby sale; how fitting!  Yup, I planned that.  its been on my mind for awhile and we are finally making it happen.  

What is not to love about a baby?  Those pudgy cheeks, the itty bitty toes.  I tend to lose my cool around babies and for those of you who truly know me-you know what I mean.  We cherish your children like they are our own and would be honored to create memories for your family to have forever!  And the sweet part (besides the baby butt cheeks) is that every session we have, you receive all your originals and professional edits on USB with print releases.  No surprises here!  And ridiculously affordably reprints and professional products. All for you. 'cuz we love you.

Because there is a bit of info that you need to know regarding our sale and because we want to get to know YOU, we are requesting that you call us.  We are so excited to hear from you!  

For updates to our blog, please 'like' our Facebook page and stay tuned! 


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