Spring Goodness
Wednesday, May 18, 2016
Spring Goodness

Spring has arrived. With crazy winds, flowering bushes and trees and everything is magical! Except for my kids on picture night.  Yup, I said it.  My kids are not magical when it comes to taking pictures!  I pull the camera out and they just want to be held or to play with my camera.  We had three meltdowns to get these pictures and Annora was in a funk.  Of course.  : ) And I love them with a fierce love. Every day!  This was the THIRD attempt at pictures over the last month. Dead serious.  Praise God for reverse psychology that can snap Henry out of his 'leave me alone' moments.  That being said; Henry turned FOUR!  Four, folks. ...

Emily + Sky
Tuesday, May 17, 2016
Spring Goodness

Miss Emily stopped by my booth at the Watertown Public Opinion Bridal Showcase this last January.  Immediately I noticed her uber-adorable glasses  and super-genuinely-sweet personality.  Folks, she has the trifecta.  Absolutely stunning!  Its no wonder Sky noticed and fell for her.  And he's a honey too!  We absolutely enjoyed our engagement session together and ended up joking about 'That 70's Show,' weird Asian food and all sorts of other random topics that I delight in!  : )   Did I mention that it rained?  Incessantly during their session?  We made the best of it and even got a few rain themed pictures as well! ...

Ponytails and bulldozers
Tuesday, March 15, 2016

We were so ready for a change.  Remodeling a home and being sandwiched into the basement (remember my old studio?) was getting old and we all needed some good ole sunshine!  So out to the farm we went so daddy (aka daddy awesomeness/my personal home contractor/dish aficionado/A+loving care to our kiddos most of the time) could wrap up a project that has been hijacked by illness, my work schedule, mass chaos that ensues this time of year...the resurfacing of our living room/dining room and re-wiring the insanely stupid wiring that the previous homeowner gifted us with.  Why have we not had a fire in our home yet?  (thank you dear Lord)Henry's happy place. Duke's ...

New beginnings
Friday, February 19, 2016

This day has finally arrived.  I cannot believe it!  My very own photography blog; eek! I have always wanted to be an author and because of my serious hatred for all things grammar and proper English, I have shied away!  Somehow I managed to eek an 'A' out of all of my English classes but that does not mean that I retained any or all of that info..ha!  I do my best and try not to royally screw up every correspondence that I have with friends, clients and family.  So, I guess I will apologize in advance.  If grammatical errors make your skin crawl, this may not be the blog for you.  Or just skip the words and look at the pics.  You know I love ...